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Log Buying, Lumber Tally, Process Management

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All LiTS software is built with ease of use in mind. We design the software with your day to day tasks in mind.


Instead of forcing you to learn the product, we take pride in tailoring the product to your needs.


Every LiTS application has been vigorously tested by actual users on the field..


Log Buying

Log Buying provides a logging inventory solution for your log inspectors and vendors. The application is designed for a simple experience for both scaling and pricing logs. Easily setup the software by selecting a log scale (Doyle, Scribner, or International) and your preferred custom mode. After initial setup just tap New Load, select your Vendor, and you are ready to scale.


Lumber Tally

Lumber Tally allows you to easily tally lumber in just 2 steps: First, set up a load by entering the species, thickness, and grades for your load. Next, tap Tally and enter each board's surface measure and grade.

(IMS) Inventory Management System

The LiTS Inventory Management System (IMS) is a complex, yet easy-to-use system that makes managing your inventory a breeze. Reports are categorized so that they are easy to find, reports can be customized and filtered to suit your needs, and reports can be quickly saved, emailed, printed, or exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

LiTS IMS also allows you to view all of your data in tables that can be quickly edited or moved into reports. Use a range of filters to find the data you need from your tables and perform a range of quick and easy-to-use operations on your data.

IMS Process Management

Process Management

LiTS Process Management System is a flexible extension of the LiTS IMS system that allows specific functions and tables to be inserted into the system that your company will need. The range of what can be done in LiTS Process Management is endless as any specific functions, operations, and data that your company may need added to the IMS system can be added. Have a special inventory system that does not conform to any system that you have seen? LiTS Process Management was designed specifically for this case. Give us a call for more information on what all LiTS Process Management can do for you!

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