Lumber Tally

Lumber Tally is designed to be used in operations large and small with many built-in tally modes to fit your end or chain tally needs.

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Highlighted Features

  • Custom tailored to you.
  • Integrated with the LiTS Inventory Management Suite.
  • Print reports directly from your handheld.
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Tally Mode

Find One That Fits You

Condensed Tally

Generally used on the chain when species and thickness are changing often.

Piece Tally

Clean and simple. Select your load, then input surface measure and grade.

Pack Tally

Build out an entire load and keep track of board footage by pack.

Letter Tally

Allows you to set a key A-Z to a specific grade within a load. Creating shortcuts allows for a faster tallying process.

Number Tally

Allows you to set a number 0-9 to a specific grade within a load. Very similar to letter tally, only using numbers.

Scale Tally

Calculate board footage by entering length and width.

Built In Reports

Built In Reports

Load Report

All boards tallied on a specific load, even if it took multiple days to build.

Day Report

Your end of day report. Including every load that you tallied in that day.

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